Frequently Asked Questions

This page covers frequently asked questions. The page is updated regularly. If your questions is not answered here, don't hesitate to contact me.

Since has unfortunately not been updated since 2018, it was getting more and more difficult to quickly find information about MTB Cross Country...
In the fall of 2020 I started to put time and effort into developing a website with all information around MTB Cross Country.
My goal is to have a website where you can quickly find information about riders, teams, races, results, rankings etc.

Yes, that's possible. The best way to add information or update wrong information is to send me an email via the contact form.

XCODATA covers every race from the UCI calendar. This page focuses on Cross-Country- and Short-Track-Events as those are the disciplines that are featured in the World Cup. Right now XCODATA only covers results from Men Elite & Women Elite.

XCODATA is a collection of different data sources.
Data sources are social media accounts, personal-, team- and the UCI-website and various timekeepers.
I did my best to automate the process of collecting and analysing the data, but some manual work is always required.

If you think XCODATA is worthy of a collaboration or if you want to advertise on XCODATA please contact me via the contact form on the website. I look forward to hear from you.